In addition to a new off-road model, German trike manufacturer HP Velotechnik plans to launch a new dual-battery option on its entire e-trike line next month. Double the battery will mean double the range.

The new dual-battery option adds a second battery pack to the frame of compatible trikes. Because the batteries are mounted low on the frame, one on the left and one on the right, HP Velotechnik claims that the extra battery actually adds stability and rear wheel traction. Mounting position varies by model but includes behind and under the seat.

"In innumerable conversations with our end customers, we heard the same desire over and over again: the desire for greater range," says HP Velotechnik CEO Paul Hollants. "So as not to get caught out with an empty battery on route, many people use stopgap solutions such as carrying a second battery in their touring luggage. There is now no longer any need for this: we offer a comprehensive, system-integrated solution."

HP Velotechnik offers electric motor systems on all its recumbent trike models, and the dual-battery option will be extended to this entire range, including the Gekko and Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec e-trikes. The 250-watt motor of the Gekko fx electric model powers the trike to speeds up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h). The dual-battery option increases the motor's assistive range to 130 mi (210 km). The Scorpion S-Pedelec has a larger battery and 500-watt motor that power it to speeds up to 28 mph (45 km/h), and its double battery ups its range to 130 high-speed kilometers (81 miles).

HP Velotechnik showed its dual-propulsion add-on at the recent Eurobike Show and will offer it to customers beginning in November. The second battery raises the price of the Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec from US$7,495 to $8,540. The smaller auxiliary battery for the 250-watt system used on the Gekko is listed at $949.

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