What if you could turn any real-world item into a VR prop? With HTC Vive's new Tracker accessory, it's possible to do just that. In an effort to jump-start its applications, HTC is giving away 1,000 free Trackers to Vive developers and creatives.

We previewed some uses of the Tracker at CES 2017, and we're enthusiastic about its possibilities. The physicality of a real-world prop, such as a pressurized fire hose or baseball bat, heightens immersion by blurring the lines between the real and virtual.

What physical object would you like to use in VR? HTC Vive has launched an application process for distributing its allotment of developmental Trackers. If you're a developer or creative with an idea, you can submit an application through the HTC Vive website.

Learn more about the Tracker's potential in the video below and by checking out our CES hands-on with the Vive Tracker.