HTC has confirmed that its new Viveport subscription plan launches on April 5 – the one year anniversary of the HTC Vive's release. Viveport could represent a good value to those who want to try out new experiences for the HTC Vive without buying them outright.

At only US$6.99 per month (and £6.99 a month in the UK), the Viveport subscription is low-cost, and there's also a free one-month trial as part of the HTC Vive anniversary promotion. The subscription gets you unlimited access to five different titles each month. At the end of the month, you can either trade them in for other experiences or keep playing your favorite(s).

At launch, Viveport includes over 50 titles. While it doesn't appear to include many of our favorites, such as Arizona Sunshine, Raw Data or The Lab – it could still offer good value to those who like to dabble in new games but don't think it's worth it to purchase titles outright.

While we'd rather see more high-quality content in the HTC Vive library than a more affordable way to access the middling experiences that are typical of emergent VR content, the launch of the Viveport subscription plan still seems like a positive (so far).

Alongside the Viveport launch, HTC is also hosting a few one-day sales in celebration of its anniversary. On April 5, Arcade Saga (normally $19.99) will be available as a free download, and there will be a $100 discount (£100 off in UK) offer on the Vive for new customers.

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