Hummer H3 converted into super-sized remote control car

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Now here’s an interesting new direction for remote-controlled toys. British engineer Dr James Brighton has transformed the HUMMER H3 into a super-sized remote controlled vehicle to create the ultimate boy’s toy. It took a month to do, but the results have been sensational with exceptional handling, much better than anything remote controlled until now. At UKP26,500 for the Hummer, it’s probably the most expensive remote controlled civilian project in the world too.

“The results are clear – all controllers will be amazed by the handling ability – the best any radio controlled vehicle has had to date. The vehicle is capable of climbing a 407mm vertical wall, traversing a 40% side slope and operating in up to 610mm of water – imagine the fun,” said Brighton.

It’s not really all that suprising that the HUMMER is a great-handling remote-controlled toy - with permanent full-time four-wheel drive, a two-ratio transfer gearbox, traction control and HUMMER’s patented StabiliTrack Stability Enhancement System on all models, the H3 is as sure-footed as they come.

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Joel Aud
...owning a manually controlled H3 and working some of the roughest turf Texas has to offer in my job, I have yet to be disappointed by the H3. It is simply a Tahoe with a 1/3 less weight, but it turns on a dime. A big dime, but a dime.