Now here's something completely different from Husqvarna. The single-track commuter concept that the company hinted at two weeks ago has now taken shape as the Concept E-go - an extremely lightweight electric motorcycle for first time motorcyclists with slimline supermotard styling and a modest electric powerplant that's particularly suitable for urban commuting.

Very little is known about the intended market for the machine as power output figures will figure prominently in the availability of the machine in different markets.

Husqvarna says the Concept E-go weighs in at just 80 kg. By way of comparison, the Zero electric supermotard we tested earlier in the year is 135 kg, and around a third of that weight is battery. As you can see form the images, there's not a lot of battery room in the Ego design, and significant weight savings would come from that along with reduced range ... but then again battery technology is catching up fast.

In terms of the latest go-fast designs, the E-go is sure to appeal, with a 35 mm "single sided double leg fork" and single-sided aluminum swing arm.

The battery support is also constructed from aluminum, the frame and oval piping is made from steel, while the seat is self-supporting.

There's another noteworthy innovation in the (limited) technical data on the bike - Husqvarna's CTS (coaxial traction system). Already in use in the company's TE449, TC 449 and TE511 dirtbikes, this design sees the sprocket and the swingarm pivot pin sharing the same axis which keeps chain tension constant and improves control.

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