The Hütte Hut is a tiny teardrop trailer that could be a good fit for somebody looking for a caravan with very small physical footprint. It measures a total of just 4 sq m (44 sq ft), and has enough room to sleep two adults.

The Hütte Hut is the work of husband and wife team Brian and Katrina Manzo, of Sprouting Sprocket Studio. It's designed to be towable by most light vehicles and is constructed from wood with a canvas roof. Access is via one set of double doors which take up an entire side of the trailer. Brian Manzo has a background in car design and the couple state that their creation boasts a good blend of maneuverability and stable towing dynamics.

Like most – though not quite all – teardrop trailers, the Hütte Hut contains little space or amenities inside. That said, it's got a bed that sleeps two adults, a good number of windows, a ceiling light, and a little storage space.

Katrina Manzo told Gizmag that they're still working out some of the details concerning the Hütte Hut (including price and availability). At present, the first three caravans are being constructed as special limited editions at Hütte Hut's headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. Those will be completed by mid-2015 and followed by an initial run of 30 production Hütte Huts sometime afterwards.

Source: Hütte Hut

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