Hydrofloors are vertically movable floors that mean you’ll literally be able to walk on water. Designed to reclaim the surface area of a swimming pool that is wasted when the pool is not in use, the floor height of the pool can be lowered mechanically to reveal the already full pool or raised to cover the water and provide some extra floor space.

The Belgium-based developers of the Hydrofloor say the system is near invisible and totally safe and secure for children to use when the floor is in the raised position, complying with relevant national safety standards.

Another advantage of the Hydrofloor is its flexibility. Since the floor height of the pool can be elevated to any pre-selected height, the water depth also can be adjusted – for example, wading depth for children or a depth suited to those with special needs.

Additionally, the company says that Hydrofloor fully encloses the pool and helps reduce heat loss from the water, thereby cutting energy costs.

As each movable pool floor is custom-built, the cost of installing one will depend on the particular circumstances of the job. But there’s no denying – this thing is cool and functional. Check out the vid below to see the Hydrofloor in (less than speedy) action.