Versatile HYmini wind and solar portable charger

Versatile HYmini wind and sola...
HYmini "hybrid mini green power station"
HYmini "hybrid mini green power station"
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HYmini "hybrid mini green power station"
HYmini "hybrid mini green power station"
miniSOLAR panel
miniSOLAR panel

April 8, 2008 HYmini is a handheld portable electronics charging unit that uses renewable wind and solar sources to top up its power. The device can recharge most 5V appliances, including mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods, PDAs, and digital cameras.

The USD$49.99 HYmini incorporates a micro wind power generator with a 65 mA capacity to keep the charger at full power while you’re away from wall sockets. The fan activates in wind speeds of nine mph or greater, capping out at wind speeds of 40 mph, and can be easily and firmly clipped to your body while you're riding or skiing, which is sure to set the turbine whirring. A green LED switches on when the battery is charging, and can also be used as a night-light. The device is moisture-proof in most situations, (it won’t survive a swim), and the turbine is constructed of soft PVC material which breaks on impact to avoid injury.

The unit's lithium ion polymer battery pack can be charged from a conventional 100~240V wall socket and has a life of around 500 charge cycles. It take four hours to fully charge, and 20 minutes of charge translates to roughly 40 minutes of life for an MP3 player or PDA, four minutes of life for a mobile phone, and 20 pictures for a digital camera.

The third charging option involves the use of up to four 6.3-inch miniSOLAR panels which can be connected to the HYmini to provide cumulative power. The miniSOLAR has an output current of 140mA MAX and an output voltage of 5V MAX.

Via HYmini / Red ferret Journal.

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Combining Solar and Wind make sense especially in the case of Battery chargers. Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India