Modern web development tools allow rapid development of applications, but getting them set up on your computer can be incredibly difficult – particularly for beginners who just want to tinker with some JavaScript. The makers of Stack Overflow and Trello are well aware of this, so they've developed a new tool called HyperDev that's designed to handle tedious tasks like hosting and deployment and allow developers to focus solely on bringing their projects to life.

Fog Creek opened up the public beta for HyperDev this week and is billing it as the fastest way to get web applications up and running. Where those getting started as programmers might usually have to worry about things like configuring servers, signing up to hosting providers and working out how to integrate and deploy their code, HyperDev handles the grunt work for them.

This means you can simply head on over to and start tapping away. There's no setup required, as HyperDev plays host and assigns your project its own URL, automatically saving and deploying work in the background. This means apps are instantly brought to life in a separate browser so you can see straight away what is working and what is not.

Fog Creek has also integrated a collaboration feature, through which users can send an invite to team members. This allows others access to the project so that they can edit live with its creator in a system that is likened to Google Docs.

The idea here is to create an environment that makes web development much more accessible, allowing programmers new and old to test out ideas that might otherwise never get out of the gate. You can swing by HyperDev to have a poke around for yourself.