We've all been in a position where we want to take a nap but are away from our bed. To make it possible, clothes manufacturer Hypnos has taken the hoodie and given it a pillow. When wearers need some shut-eye, they need only inflate the hood to rest their head.

The idea may seem niche, but being tired when on-the-go and not being able to go to sleep is a horrible feeling. Studio Banana Things tried to tackle the problem with its Ostrich Pillow a few years back and, such was the success, it was able to roll-out the Ostrich Pillow Mini, the Ostrich Pillow Light and the Ostrich Pillow Junior off the back of it.

Unlike the Ostrich range, the Hypnos Hoodie offers the benefit of having a sleep-aid built into an existing piece of clothing. It is designed to be "beautiful, comfortable and practical" and is aimed in particular at creatives, travelers and commuters. Users can inflate the pillow quickly themselves by blowing into a discrete nozzle, with deflation said to be equally quick and straightforward.

The pillow is formed by an ergonomically designed inflatable unit housed in the hood of the hoodie. The inflatable can be removed or reinserted at any time and is said to be held in place by the hood's specially designed tight-fitting pocket.

In order to accommodate the inflatable, the hood is oversized. Hypnos says this ensures that the pillow doesn't feel bulky when deflated and is able to remain inconspicuous when inflated. In addition, the large size of the hood, coupled with the hoodie's open neckline, means that the pillow can be moved around the head for optimum comfort.

An already funded Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is ongoing for the Hypnos. At the time of writing, pledges start at US$69. The hoodies will come in a variety of styles and colors and, assuming all goes to plan with the campaign and roll-out, shipping is expected from March.

The video below is the Kickstarter pitch for the Hypnos Hoodie.

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