i-Blades and IdeaNova Technologies have announced a video distribution and playback system designed to give media companies and movie studios an "on-the-go" entertainment delivery mechanism for mobile device users. The mobile content platform will allow anyone using the i-Blades smartcase's "content blades" to store up to 100 HD-quality, DRM-protected, feature-length movies, then view them on a smartphone using the IdeaNova INPLAY technology.

The idea is to allow users to view movies and related content on the go, while also avoiding the high data charges inherent in current mobile viewing platforms.

Content blades will be configurable up to 1 Terabyte and will receive new content using the i-Blades Asynchronous Content Refresh System (ACRS) to automatically download movies, advertisements and promotions based on user preference and viewing habits. Additional storage for user-generated content like photos and videos will also be available on each content blade.

i-Blades unveiled its smartcase and blade technology at the end of last year. IdeaNova Technologies develops inflight entertainment and video playback systems in the aviation industry.

The mobile content platform developed by the two companies will be available with the i-Blades smartcases when they start shipping for US$99 in May.

Source: i-Blades