IASUS Concepts may not be well known to mobile phone consumers, as it has largely operated in the military marketplace until now, making specialist headsets, throat microphones and similar special operations paraphernalia. Its anonymity might soon be short =lived thanks to its latest 500K Series Headset targeted at iPhone and Blackberry power users. Its Special Ops look is no accident as the 500K is adapted from standard issue FBI, CIA, and secret service earpieces, and is the first to introduce an acoustic coil earpiece to the mobile platform.

The 500K channels sound through an acoustic earpiece that sits securely in the ear yet feels virtually weightless. Without the weight of normal blue tooth headsets, the 500K is designed for prolonged continuous use without discomfort or fatigue in the ear. The answer button also controls music playback for iPhones allowing users to play, pause and skip tracks so they never miss a beat. Available in two options of black or clear acoustic coil colors, the 500K’s coils can also be customized to fit the shape of any ear for ultimate personalization. The headset also includes multiple earpiece styles for maximum comfort.

To complete the package, a carry case is also included. With a two-year warranty, the 500K will sell for USD$100.