IASUS Mobile Amp provides portable audio boost

IASUS Mobile Amp provides port...
Diminutive IASUS Mobile Amp
Diminutive IASUS Mobile Amp
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Diminutive IASUS Mobile Amp
Diminutive IASUS Mobile Amp

August 13, 2007 Ever shrinking portable music players often sacrifice sound output for portability so the audio boost provided by tiny 1.4 by 2 inch IASUS Mobile Amp. The world’s smallest and lightest hi fidelity amplifier for mobile devices provides up to an extra ten decibels while suffering only 0.3% distortion.

When music players decrease in size, the battery power takes the largest hit. Companies that go down this path are faced with an option to either manufacture them with significantly shorter battery life, or reduce the amount of power the product needs. The latter goal is often achieved by toning down the audio output. The IASUS Mobile Amp capitalizes on this trend by giving users the opportunity to enjoy extra volume when they want it, yet in a way that doesn’t permanently encumber the player. The IASUS has 20 hours of battery power and also reduces the power consumption of the music player, meaning you can listen to your favorite tracks louder, and for longer.

The IASUS Mobile Amp comes with a 3.5mm audio jack splitter, and an AC charger.

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