October 27, 2008 Apple has a well deserved reputation for churning out slick designs and is equally adept at keeping us guessing as to what's around the corner. Designer Gopinath Prasana is one aficionado who has decided not to wait and see, instead coming up with his own take on what the iPod of the future might look like. Dubbed the iBangle, the concept design turns the iPod into a wrist worn, aluminum bracelet complete with an adjustable air chamber on the inner face that can be inflated to ensure a snug fit.

The design envisions navigation by means of a multi-touch trackpad and sound would be wirelessly transmitted to a discreet set of in-ear headphones.

Cool? Yes, in fact James Bond should probably have one. Feasible? We're not too sure.

For further info see www.ibangle.com.

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