The iblazr external smartphone flash impressed us when it launched on Kickstarter two years ago, so much so it featured in our recent guide to the best smartphone camera accessories. Now the team behind the flash is back with the iblazr 2, a wireless version of the LED flash which uses Bluetooth, syncs with the native camera apps of iOS and Android devices, and lets users select a light color temperature.

Just like its predecessor, the iblazr 2 is launching on Kickstarter and is again a small flash and constant light which uses four powerful LEDs to help improve your smartphone photography. However, this time around there are a number of important upgrades, the main one being the switch to Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The original iblazr plugged into the headphone jack of a smartphone.

This switch allows the small 40 x 28 x 10 mm (1.57 x 1.1 x 1.57 in) unit to be used as a remote flash with a range of up to 25 m (80 ft) while a built-in battery should deliver 300 flashes or three hours of continuous light on a single charge, which is done via USB. The flash also now syncs with native iOS and Android camera apps, which means users are not dependent on a specific app for basic flash functions.

That said, the new Shotlight app, which is due to launch for iOS this month and Android in August, will allow users more control over manual settings of the camera and flash. With it users can set things like ISO, white balance and exposure, as well as adjust the brightness and color temperature of the iblazr 2. It will also allow up to 10 iblazr 2 devices to be controlled at the same time.

The iblazr 2, which will come in black, white and gray, also boasts a variable light color temperature from from 3200K to 5600K which can be adjusted in the accompanying Shotlight app, or via a nifty touch sensor on the rear of the device. This sensor can also be tapped twice to trigger a powerful 300 LUX on 1m flash synchronically with the camera’s shutter.

Because the iblazr 2 no longer needs to connect to a headphone jack, the flash uses a new bundled mount clip to attach to a phone or tablet. It will also come with a cold-shoe mount for attaching to a camera where it can be used in constant light mode, along with a key clasp, silicon diffuser and a USB charger. An optional flexible USB charger can also be used as a lamp stand.

An early bird Kickstarter pledge of US$45 is currently enough to get you an iblazr 2 flash, with the price rising to $49, and the expected retail price sitting at $70. Meanwhile, $59 will get you an iblazr 2 flash and flexible charger. Should funding be successful, and everything go to plan, backers should receive their iblazr 2 in September.

You can check out the Kickstarter video below.

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