With its eye-catching design comprising two skyscrapers joined by greenery-filled bridges, you could be forgiven for assuming the iCarbonX Headquarters is one of those ambitious concepts destined to stay on the drawing board. However, it's due to begin construction later this year.

Designed by Steven Holl Architects, iCarbonX Headquarters is the winner of an architecture competition and will host a genome machine intelligence company of the same name in Shenzhen, China. The booming megacity is already home to several high-profile skyscrapers, including BIG's Shenzhen Energy Mansion and KPF's China Resources Tower.

The smaller cylindrical tower will be given over to residential space and rise to a height of 150 m (492 ft), while the taller building with the curved facade will be 200 m (656 ft)-tall and consist of offices, laboratories, and public reception spaces. According to Steven Holl Architects, their overall form is inspired by genes and DNA.

The two skyscrapers will be linked by a total of four bridges filled with greenery, and the renders also depict significant greenery inside the buildings themselves too. The two upper bridges will host cafes, a gym, and a swimming pool, while the lower bridges will include community outreach spaces, a clinic, galleries, and meeting spaces. A water feature making use of recycled water will be installed on the ground.

"A curtain wall of fritted glass with varying translucencies provides tailored shade to the building's exposures and light conditions," says Steven Holl Architects. "Curvilinear geometry shapes the ground-level public space with water gardens and a central recycled-water 'Pool of Knowledge.' The public space is partially embedded in the ground, and the pool's continuously circulating water masks the sounds of the city, creating a peaceful, protected space."

We've no word on when the iCarbonX Headquarters is expected to be completed.

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