There may be nothing more satisfying than an ice-cold cocktail after a long day, but making a cocktail cold enough for a connoisseur's palate can be a tricky ask for bartender and party host alike. IceLiners could be the solution, making it possible to create icy-cold cocktails simply and stylishly.

IceLiners is the invention of former bartender Daniel Kana who, having spent years hearing patrons beg for truly cold cocktails, set about creating a specific tool for the job. The result is IceLiners, a silicone mold that, as the name suggests, lines a glass with a sheet of ice. After countless prototypes, Kana created the finished product for which he now has a patent pending.

Used in its simplest form IceLiners lets you enjoy a cold drink thanks to a sheet of frozen water lining your glass. However, the real fun begins when you swap water for a mixer or fruit juice. This lets you create odd combinations that offer something different in terms of look and taste. Whatever liquid you use to line your glass, the result is a drink which Kana claims will stay close to freezing temperature for 35-45 minutes.

The process is simple. You press the IceLiners silicone mold onto a glass, pour your chosen liquid through the hole, and then freeze in an upright position. The IceLiners molds are only guaranteed to work on the glasses supplied by Kana, but they can be fitted on other, similarly sized, glasses.

IceLiners is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, with Kana seeking US$30,000 to manufacture the first production run. A pledge of $25 offers a reward of one IceLiners mold and one glass, either martini or rocks. While a pledge of $45 offers a reward of one of each mold and glass. If all goes to plan, the IceLiners will ship to backers in December. Availability is limited to those in the US.

The Iceliner is demonstrated in the video below

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