New Mexico's Ideum has managed to shave over an inch and a half off the thickness of its Platform 55 display in time for the infoComm 14 trade show being held in Las Vegas this week. The dual boot prototype is being shown off at the booth of development partner 3M Touch Systems.

The next generation prototype of Ideum's Platform 55 Multitouch table dual boots Android 4.4 (KitKat) and Windows 8.1, and features a 55-inch HD display panel that's just 0.75-in (19-mm) thin at its edges. The display uses 3M's projected capacitive touch technology, which supports over 60 simultaneous touch points (Ideum told us that it's proved capable of up to 100).

The table's screen sits atop a 2.5-in (63.5-mm) wide pedestal that's home to an integrated computer system powered by an Intel Core i7-4770s 3.1 GHz Hyper-threaded quad-core processor, with support from 16 GB of RAM. The system also boasts an Nvidia GTX 670 GPU with 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory.

"This prototype is one the largest Android-based systems yet designed and the high-performance 3M multitouch technology makes the experience for the user incredibly fluid," says Jim Spadaccini, CEO of Ideum. "Ideum is committed to continuing to work with the best emerging technology to develop more exciting choices for our customers."

The updated Platform 55 is expected to be included in Ideum's product portfolio later this year, with an availability announcement penciled in for (northern) summer.

"We will likely make it into a coffee table version too," Spadaccini revealed, "since the table uses projective capacitive touch, is largely spill proof, has no bezel, and touch points can't be interfered with by placing objects on the table or through any kind of light interference."

Meanwhile, visitors to infoComm 14, which runs until June 20, can get up close to the prototype at 3M's booth.

Source: Ideum

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