A notification pops up. "Package has been delivered!" This is the best part of the day! Drive home from work and walk up to the front door, only to notice … an empty front porch. There is no package in sight. What could have happened? Package thieves are so common, in fact, over 110 million Americans have lost packages. Over 65,000 packages are stolen daily. So, what can be done?

Enter iDoorbox, a US and Internationally patented solution to packages being stolen off of the front porch. Available here for pre-order, iDoorbox is the world's first alarm-enabled, foldable, portable secure package delivery box.

iDoorbox is easy to use. Simply set up iDoorbox on the porch and secure it to a front door knob using the alarm-enabled steel cable. When packages are delivered to the door, the delivery person will place all of the packages inside, then press the lever to close it. iDoorbox will then lock and secure all packages, meaning consumers can enjoy peace of mind when packages are delivered and no one is home to retrieve them.

The roomy design of iDoorbox allows large packages to be delivered in the same day. What if there are multiple packages being delivered in one day? Easy! Add the iDoorbox security code into your amazon account just once. For every delivery, Amazon automatically will transmit the security code to the delivery person. The result is an easy and convenient delivery system that leaves the consumer at ease.

The size of iDoorbox is not the only great thing about its design. Upon arrival home, simply use the secure combination lock to retrieve packages. iDoorbox also breaks down and lays flat for easy and compact storage, making it a perfect design for smaller condos or apartments. This completely weatherproof unit keeps all of your packages safe and protected through rain, snow, hail and hot weather.

What if someone picks up your iDoorbox and walks off with everything? That cannot happen, thanks to the secure steel cable and lock that secures to any doorknob with the adjustable cartridge. If the cable is tampered with, the alarm will sound. And it's loud –at over 120 decibels it will definitely loud enough to alert your neighbors.

Still wondering how to get hold of iDoorbox? For a very limited time, get your iDoorbox here.

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