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iHome iH15: the chameleon of iPod docks

iHome iH15: the chameleon of i...
iHome iH15 color changing stereo
iHome iH15 color changing stereo
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iHome iH15 color changing stereo
iHome iH15 color changing stereo

April 21, 2009 If you are looking for a design twist that will set-your iPod dock apart from the crowd and audio quality isn't your highest priority, the color changing iH15 Stereo System from iHome may be just the answer.

Audio-wise it's no Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin, but at around USD$60 the iH15 offers a simple to operate iPod docking system with only four buttons – one for power, two for volume and a fourth for a sub-woofer to provide extra bass. There is no radio, GSM-shielding for iPhone, no alarm, nor a remote. Three sides of the unit house speakers (one is the sub-woofer) and the operational controls are on the fourth side.

The highlight (or gimmick depending on your point of view) is its color changing capability. Behind the unit's translucent plastic case are backlights providing an option of seven different colors to set the mood in a darkened room. The user can choose an individual color or set to slowly cycle in a rainbow mode through the all seven with a slight pause between each. At less than 5 1/2 inches a side, its compact enough to fit almost anywhere, but don’t consider throwing away the expensive sound system just yet.

David Greig

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