Moving media between iOS devices for sharing or backup storage can be a hassle, especially without an internet connection. The iKlips, the first dual (USB and Lightning) flash drive to feature a USB 3.0 connector, promises to make things easier (and faster than the competition) by offering a quicker, more convenient way to store and exchange files between iOS devices, Macs and PCs.

The drive is encased in an aluminum alloy and sports a compact design (more so than its predecessors) complete with a clip for more convenient carrying. Available colors include red, silver, gold and space gray.

Read/write speeds are a respectable 14/8 MB/s for the Lightning connector and 140/20 MB/s for the USB 3.0 connector. This is far from tapping the USB 3's maximum transfer speeds, but it does still make the iKlips the fastest dual drive of the bunch to date.

Power consumption for the iKlips is also said to be quite low, possibly thanks to the USB 3's new power-saving "idle status." This means that, unlike some of its competitors, the iKlips doesn't require a battery and will likely have little impact on the autonomy of your portable devices.

The iKlips is compatible with OS X and Windows XP or later versions. On the iOS side, you’ll need a device with a Lightning connector and iOS 6.1 or later. For the drive to work you’ll also need to install a free app that, according to the startup, will make moving data to and from devices "as simple as drag and drop." Emphasis on data: though you’ll be able to store and read all sorts of media, you won’t be able to install apps on the drive – as Apple doesn't allow iOS apps to run from external media.

Another item worth noting is that this won't help much if you're buying Apple's new 12-in MacBook. Its lone USB Type C port would require an adapter for this to work.

One week into its crowdfunding campaign, iKlips has already met its goal of US$50,000. At the time of writing, you can get a 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB stick for a $49, $69, $89 and $169 pledge respectively. The price includes free worldwide shipping, and the drives are set to be delivered by June.

You can watch a product presentation in the video below.

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