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On Product Publishing Wins Top International Awards

September 23, 2006 We don't really want to say we told you so, but .... oh well we actually do want to say that. One of the best ideas we've ever seen we wrote up first back in January. Now we're pleased to see that Modern Media Concepts has won the Best Label and Best Overall Concept awards at the 2006 Bottled Water World Design Awards. The awards recognize the design innovation of the company's Magazine on a Bottle concept and its contribution to the bottled water industry. On Product Publishing label technology opens up new marketing and revenue channels by combining publishing with consumer goods. The Company’s international licensing arm On Product Publishing International markets this packaging innovation to publishers and manufacturers and has recently signed agreements in Europe and Australia. Indeed, we're in the process of developing

The winners were announced at a gala dinner held on 19 September at San Pellegrino Casino, as part of the Zenith International Global Bottled Water Congress in Bergamo, Italy.

The design awards are the only contest solely dedicated to recognising the innovative design and marketing efforts made by companies within the bottled water industry over the past year. This year the number of contestants soared to 135 from 30 countries.

Modern Media Concepts achieved outstanding success picking up a first in the Best Label category and gaining distinction by being chosen as the Best Overall Concept. The company has developed iLove, the first magazine to appear on a bottle of water and opened the beverage industry to the concept of On Product Publishing.

Modern Media Concepts founder Joanna Wojtalik and CEO Alex McKinnon were present on the night to accept the award. Joanna developed the concept of On Product Publishing (OPP) as a University project and successfully brought it to market in February 2006 with the launch of iLove.

“We are delighted to have picked up these awards and to gain recognition from our peers for our design innovation”, said Ms. Wojtalik. “These awards put On Product Publishing on the international stage and they couldn’t have come at a better time as we look to finalize licensing deals with partners around the world,” added Alex McKinnon.

“Emotionally, the months spent developing the OPP label and its application has paid off. We worked closely with a number of Australian companies, particularly Pemara Labels, and these awards are a wonderful endorsement of the hard work put in by all to bring this unique communications tool to market,” said COO Oliver Needham.

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