ILuv has two new in-car USB chargers for people who don't want to have to remember to charge their devices before getting in the cars. The iLuv iAD 115 Micro USB Car Charger and iAD119 Dual USB Car Charger are suitable for iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, GPS devices, even that USB-powered shaver that never really got off the ground. Unlike some other clunkier USB chargers that get in the way of gear sticks, handbrakes, etc, the iAD115 Micro USB Car Charger is so small it can be concealed inside the cigarette lighter just by closing the cover. While the iAD119 Dual USB Car Charger removes fights in the car about who gets to charge their device first (great for families or newly-weds!)

“Our new series of car chargers provides a great solution to auto owners who always need a recharge for their cell phone, iPod or other must have gadget” says Howard Kim for iLuv. “We are happy to add both a dual charging solution and micro charger that will meet the needs of multiple gadget owners or auto owners who dislike the bulky car charger options that have been available”. The iAD115 is a micro-size USB car adapter with a blue power LED, DC 12-24V input, DC 5V, 500mA output and measures 0.9 x 0.9 x 1.7 inches (W x H x D). It will sell for US$14.99.

The iAD119 Dual USB Car Charger has a blue ring power light, dual USB ports to charge up to two devices at once, a replaceable fuse to protect your charging device from excessive current, 90º rotating head, DC 12-24V input, DC 5V, 1A and sells for US$19.99.

Both units go on sale from September. Other models and packages are available via the iLuv website.

For consumers who still find they are arguing over who charges their plethora of devices first, we can only suggest charging them up before you get in the car via something like the Kensington 4-port charger we featured previously on Gizmag.

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