If you really wanted to impress people with your home theater, what would you do? Perhaps model it after the Bat Cave, or show movies that were still in the cinemas? Well, now there’s another choice. If you’ve got the cash, you could build your own IMAX Private Theater.

The theater package is modeled after a screening room in Santa Monica, where film-makers (“such as Christopher Nolan, James Cameron and JJ Abrams,” so we’re told) go to experience their films in IMAX before they’re released to the public.

The home system includes a curved floor-to-ceiling/wall-to-wall screen, a 4K-resolution dual projection system that can handle both 2D and 3D formats, and an audio system that features laser-aligned 7.1-channel loudspeakers. That audio system also utilizes microphones that monitor each channel, allowing it to perform daily calibrations to ensure that the sound is properly tuned.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t something that you would just throw into your existing basement rec room. Instead, IMAX team members work with the client’s architects, interior designers and other high-priced professionals to make sure that when the home theater is built, its acoustics, viewing angles and other parameters will be up to snuff.

Once the system is up and running, the company’s service center remotely monitors it 24 hours a day, and will reportedly respond in less than five minutes if something goes amiss.

There's no word on price just yet – go figure.

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