This extravagant Dark Knight-inspired home theater is the latest concept design by Elite Home Theater Seating. The Canadian company is better known for manufacturing luxury theater seating, but has also designed several themed home theaters including a traditional Batcave and a Pirates of the Caribbean ship.

The impressive subterranean Dark Knight home cinema incorporates a dramatic interpretation of the film’s Batcave. The design creates the impression of a secret underground location complete with cave-like walls, a secret bookcase concealing a Batmobile, fire place, gothic lighting, “Batcomputer” stations, a stately grandfather clock, several bat suits and a cylindrical stainless steel elevator with a glowing Bat symbol.

The 12,000-square foot (1,115-square meter) home cinema is currently being built in a private home in Greenwich, Connecticut and comes with a whopping US$2 million price tag.

“The Dark Knight-themed custom home theater was actually a design concept we did free of charge for one of our previous clients, mainly just for fun,” said Elite Home Theater Seating’s CEO Bobby Bala. “Personally, I’m a huge Batman fan and with a background in CG animation, we were able to finish up the design within a couple weeks.”

Furthermore the home theater, which should be complete this November, is equipped with a 180-inch (4.6-meter) film screen, 15 black racecar-inspired armchairs, and we're guessing a top of the range surround sound stereo system to match.

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