Immersion's new haptic effects solution heads for Toshiba's Libretto w100

Immersion's new haptic effects...
Toshiba's Libretto w100 incorporates Immersion's haptic effects
Toshiba's Libretto w100 incorporates Immersion's haptic effects
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Toshiba's Libretto w100 incorporates Immersion's haptic effects
Toshiba's Libretto w100 incorporates Immersion's haptic effects
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Are you the sort of person who loves touch screen technology but yearns for the mechanical feel and security of a real keyboard? You may be interested to hear that Toshiba’s Libretto w100 dual touch-screen mini notebook will be the first device to hit the market that incorporates Immersion Corporation’s TouchSense 2500 solution that provides touch feedback effects when hitting keys. The haptic effects help to minimize the chance of mis-keying, provide immediate tactile response and allow you to get all touchy and feely at the same time.

Immersion Corporation specializes in haptics technology and its new Touch Sense 2500 solution is designed to support integrated and advanced user interfaces and touch gesture-based interactions. It can be integrated into tablets, netbooks and notebooks to create a variety of haptic effects – from a simple alert to a range of touch gestures like tap, double-tap or swipe. The system can be used for touch pads, capacitive buttons, touch screens and virtual keyboards. Touch Sense 2500 also has a haptics effect library and product-specific reference designs and it supports Windows and Android operating systems.

Immersion's Dennis Sheehan, vice president of marketing said, "Now standard in mobile phones, we're seeing increased adoption of touch-input interfaces across a range of other markets, most notably in mobile computing. TouchSense 2500 provides OEMs and designers an easy-to-implement haptics solution and makes these interfaces dynamic, ultimately pleasing users and differentiating products."

    Touch Sense 2500 Specifications
  • Drop-in haptic processor and porting available for custom processors
  • Product-specific reference designs to suit a wide range of devices
  • Streamlined haptic effects library to select haptic effects through a single command API designed for a wide range of UI elements including touch screens, touch gestures, and capacitive buttons
  • User interface integration with capacitive buttons, alerts, touch screens, and touch gesture like tap, double-tap, swipe, spread, pinch, slide/drag and long press
  • I/O Interfaces include I2C, USB and OS support including Android and Windows7
  • Low power consumption
  • TouchSense 2500 is currently available and can be brought to market as off-the-shelf haptic processors from Immersion's chip partners. It may also be ported to a device manufacturer's specific chip to add haptics to their solution. Contact Immersion for more info.

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