January 7, 2007 An invention that parents-on-the-go will love, Go-Go Babyz' unique Infant Cruizer travel system is designed to easily transport your baby without taking him or her out of the car seat. The Infant Cruizer simply attaches to a car seat and turns it into a wheeled pull-cart, reducing the need for a stroller on both short and long-distance trips.

The Infant Cruizer is a convenient accessory for parents who travel with small children. Its compact design, easy push, and car seat compatibility reduce the need to always load-up the stroller and its fold up design and telescoping handle save a significant space compared with full size strollers.

Retailing at USD$199.99, the Infant Cruizer is light (12 lbs or about 5 ½ kilograms) and it’s easy to carry, unfold and secure the car seat. With a fold up design and a telescoping handle it saves a lot of space compared to other strollers. The 12-inch shock-absorbing tires never need air and it has a tilt-back capacity so negotiating curbs and stairs won’t involve lifting.

Canny parents will probably find other uses for the Infant Cruizer on short or long-distance trips to the shopping mall, doctors or the train station.

Go-Go Babyz Corporation plan to release a toddler adapter in early 2008 so when baby grows, parents can simply replace the infant seat adapter. There is also a twins adapter is coming soon.

Parents might still prefer a baby sling for short trips but the Infant Cruizer might save their back and make traveling with infants much more efficient on long-trips.

Infant Cruizer features

  • One handed operation to carry, unfold and secure the cart seat
  • Safe click-n-lock base
  • Certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association (JPMA)


  • Closed Dimensions (handle folded) 26“l x 20“w x 12“h (approx. 66cml x 50cmw x 30cmh)
  • Maximum Open Dimensions (handle Fully Extended) 26“l x 20“w x 46”h (approx. 66cml x 50cmw x 116cmh)
  • Position Handle Extensions 24”h, 36“h, 39”h, 42”h, & 46”h (approx. 61cm, 91cm, 99cm, 107cm, 117cm)

The company also offer the USD$89 gogo Kidz Travelmate based on the same design but with smaller 5-inch razor wheels and lighter at 5 lbs. This lightweight "roller-suitcase" design is particularly suited to negotiating airport travel and given that the FAA recommends children under 40 lbs. be seated in a child car seat in flight, parents may need to take the car-seat anyway.

For car seat compatibility and further details see Go-Go Babyz.

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