Forget the $20 snow saucer. Kids now have a better way to shred the snow. Following up on its impressive build-your-own ride-on kits, Infento offers high-performance sledding kits for kids of all ages. Its Big Snow Kit brings seven different styles of sled in one, giving industrious children many different ways of blasting down a snowy hill. Snow days just got even better.

Infento fancies its kits a sort of life-size answer to Lego or Meccano, combining two styles of toys that children the world over love: building kits and full-size ride-ons. The Kickstarter campaign we covered back in 2015 focused mostly on wheeled riding, with sleds thrown in as add-ons. It's been over a year since that crowdfunding success, and the company has gotten its business up and running and is selling internationally. It's now launched the sleds as standalone snow kits, giving snow lovers a reason to get building.

Each snow kit relies on a series of skis, structural beams, joints, hardware and a hex key to build up multiple sleds. The 4-in-1 Junior Snow Kit starts things off with the Yeti, a small, cozy sled for children as young as 1 year old. The Yeti includes three skis, a seat with seat back, armrests and foot pegs.

Also designed for the youngest snow enthusiasts, the Everest is a snow wagon useful for pushing cargo along the snow. It can be used for toys, snowballs and more.

The Blizzard is a sit-atop snow trike with handlebars and foot pegs, and the Big Blizzard is a larger version that includes a storage crate on back. Both Blizzards are designed for children 3 to 7.

The 8-in-1 Big Snow Kit includes the ability to make all four of the Junior kit sleds and three more styles. The two-seat, two-ski Supersledge is aimed at children 3 years old and up and allows the parent to ride with the child. The Icebreaker looks similar to the Blizzard but is envisioned more as a free-flying snow chopper for children from 7 years old right up to 14.

The Skibock (ages 8+) is Infento's version of the simple, Swiss-style ski-sled we've seen in products like the Zibock, essentially a seat atop a ski. Builders can create two Skibocks simultaneously (thus the 8-in-1 designation), so that two family members or friends can race down the hill.

Just like Infento's wheeled kits, the idea is that children can work with their parents in building up different sleds, breaking them down and building up new ones, enjoying many hours of fun, indoors and out. Each sled takes anywhere from an hour to 2.5 hours to build, according to Infento's estimates.

As a snow lover who was quite unimpressed with the selection of sleds for young children (1 to 2) this past holiday season, I would definitely consider Infento's kits in the future. The kits are definitely not cheap, as far as sleds go, but doubling as building kits and growing with the child over the years certainly adds a lot of value. The Junior Snow Kit costs US$229 and the Big Snow Kit $399, and both are available in the US and the European Union. The Skibock kit is available on its own for $119.

The minute-long video below shows Infento sleds in the build and on the snow.

Source: Infento

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