Looking to both solve the problem of children quickly outgrowing their rides and give parent and child a fun project to create together, two Dutch inventors dreamed up Infento. The name, inspired by the Latin for "infinite makes," is a collection of creative ride-ons for ages 0-13. With just a hex key and a couple of hours, an adult and child can make a sledge, a recumbent bike, a trike with a cargo box, and more.

Previously we have seen designers take a variety of different approaches to allow a child's ride to grow with them, such as the Leg&Go, Wishbone Bike, Audi's Mini Runner and the Grow bikes. But these options pale in comparison to the extensive array of models offered by Infento. The different collections are simply arranged by age, with each larger kit including the previous parts and adding rides for older kids (up to age 13) and slightly fancier builds.

The Junior Kit starts with models appropriate for toddlers and up, such as a balance bike and a tricycle meant to carry "cargo." The Creator Kit adds rides for slightly older kids, adding a hand brake and shock absorbers for heavier duty rides. Finally, the Master Creator Kit targets kids from 8-13 and includes a three-wheeler and a recumbent bike.

None of the vehicles for older ages resemble a traditional "bicycle," but there should still be something for everyone. And that's the point, because as soon as a child grows bored with (or grows out of) a model, it can be dismantled and drafted into a new design. However, the fancier builds clock in at six hours construction time, so this isn't something a child could do on their own, Transformer-style.

Given the inventors' northerly location, extra ski kits add winter fun and result in sleighs, choppers, glides, and a ride inspired by the Swiss skibock, a hands-free, foot-free seat on a ski that is steered and balanced by leaning and touching the ground. Even adults can use contraptions assembled with the Big Snow addon. Close inspection of Infento construction reveals an impressive attention to detail, yet all the rides can be assembled with just a hex key.

Infento is offering its transformation transportation to supporters through Kickstarter, where pledges can be made for the three different kits sorted by age and number of models, along with two kits to add winter mobility to an Infento ride.

The Junior Kit with six models is offered as a reward for pledges of US$299, with the other bigger kits going for $499 and $599 respectively. Shipping is anticipated to begin in January 2016 if all goes to plan.

The videos below show the range of Infento models.

Sources: Infento

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