Certain brands command a following and a respect due to a long and illustrious history and/or consumer confidence in the quality of the products. Audi is one such company, so owning an Audi convertible is something many people can only dream of. That dream may become reality thanks to the Mini Runner, an Audi convertible that won't break the bank.

Unfortunately the Mini Runner isn't an automobile, though the company claims it boasts "the same production DNA as the celebrated R8 supercar." The Mini Runner is actually a kid's toy, notable mostly thanks to the Audi logo on the frame. It's also noteworthy due to its convertible nature, though it's not the only example of the form factor.

The Mini Runner is a balance bike and scooter combined into one. With the handlebars pushed down as far as they'll go and the saddle fitted, it's a balance bike. Remove the saddle and pull the handlebars up, and it becomes a scooter. The integrated brake should help prevent accidents in both forms.

The convertible kid's toy is constructed from lightweight aluminum produced using a process called hydroforming, which, as the name suggests, involves shaping metal using high pressure fluid. It's suitable for kids aged between three and eight, though we suspect adults would be tempted to have a go on it as well.

The Mini Runner is available to buy from the Audi Merchandise Shop for £279 (US$450). This price tag means it's ridiculously expensive for what it is, but it's still the most affordable Audi convertible you're ever likely to see while awake.

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