One of the most eagerly awaited runs at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on the weekend was that of the 402bhp (300kW) Infiniti EMERG-E, which appeared as a fully-functional demonstrator for the first time.

In line with the specs quoted for the concept car when it was unveiled earlier this year, the demonstrator cars shown at Goodwood boast twin electric motors generating 402bhp (300kW) and 0-60mph acceleration in four seconds.

There was an apparent mechanical hitch on Friday that saw the EMERG-E roll to a stop mid-course (but let's face it, most concept cars we see don't make it off revolving static displays) before F1 driver Mark Webber took his turn behind the wheel on Sunday.

While the car in this form is unlikely to see production, many of the technologies being demonstrated in this vehicle are expected to find their way into future Infiniti models.

“In EMERG-E, we’re trying to study and investigate and showcase two things: one is the potential of a mid-engine sportscar for the Infiniti range, and the second is of a new range-extended powertrain,” said Jerry Hardcastle, Vice-President Vehicle Design and development, the Nissan Group.

Source: Infiniti

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