Rotterdam-based architect Vladimir Konovalov has unveiled an interesting concept for a vacation home named Infinity House. The luxury dwelling is a pool house in the literal sense and would consist of a simple concrete structure with very generous windows and a roof that's entirely taken up by an infinity pool.

Infinity House's design and the way it integrates a swimming pool into the home's structure brings to mind Villa Clessidra, by LAAV Architects. Like that project, there's also no immediate plans to build it, but Konovalov did tell us that he's had some private interest in making it happen.

It's conceived for a rural spot in Northern Norway and would comprise a total floorspace of 100 sq m (1,076 sq ft). The interior would include a lounge area with a bookcase that frames a small fireplace. The design also calls for a combined kitchen and dining room with fancy-looking minimalist units, and a single bedroom.

The bathroom would include a spiral staircase that leads up to the roof/pool, emerging onto a concrete platform. This sounds a lot more convenient than a more conventional exterior staircase as it would enable occupants to get ready in the bathroom, go upstairs for a swim and then quickly retreat indoors if the weather's cold.

On that note, the Infinity House's infinity pool itself would be heated and divided into two areas: one for swimming and another smaller one for resting. The idea is that you could relax and float while taking in the amazing scenery, perhaps even the Northern Lights under the right conditions, which sounds pretty appealing, actually.

"Northern Norway is a paradise for those, who prefer quite retreat in the solitude of wild nature rather than southern busy touristic places," explains Konovalov in a press release. "Infinity House was designed for this specific purpose. Located in the remote area, it is surrounded by harsh northern landscapes with panoramic views of mountains and Norwegian Sea. Simple monolithic concrete volume rises above the rocks. Raw materials create feeling of the connection with the surrounding landscape."

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