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Ingenious Eubiq power supply solution

Ingenious Eubiq power supply solution
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April 4, 2006 As the number of household and office appliances that use electricity has grown, the need for a serious redesign of the electrical supply for the modern office or dwelling has grown. Given all the wonders of modern technology, why is it that it’s not possible to have electrical appliances where we want them without the need for an electrician, three layers of powerboards or a tangle of cable spaghetti. The new Eubiq system looks to be the first viable answer to this problem merging all possible electrical needs into one streamlined strip. Users can tap into power anywhere along the track by connecting a Eubiq plug, adaptor or accessory. The Eubiq is aesthetic, safe, easy to install and simple to use. Developed with the patented GSS (Ground Sentry Shutter) feature, Eubiq represents a major advancement in the safe provision of power sources. A complete range of Eubiq adaptors are available for all major plug types and Eubiq is seeking distributors in all areas.

The Eubiq power track is the backbone to the system. Designed to be easily installed, the power track can be mounted on any existing surface or even recess mounted. There are two different types of power tracks in the range for flexibility and adaptability. The surface mount tracks are a quick and immediate solution that fits onto existing surfaces in homes offices and workshops. The recess mount tracks offer a cleaner, flushed effect and are ideal for integrating into furniture, panels and skirting.

Made from tough, durable aluminium core and covers, the streamlined power track is also in an array of colours, design and finishes to match existing decor. The modular concept track design can be customised to any length and a standard power track can connect up to 12 Eubiq adaptors or 16 Eubiq plugs per metre length. While a standard track comes in lengths of 300mm up to 3.6m, it can be extended easily with connectors or hard-wiring.

Adaptors are available for all major country configurations such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, Germany, the Middle East, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa and more.

The Eubiq plug is specially designed to power appliances through the track without the need for Eubiq adaptors. An elegant solution that complements modern residential and commercial decor, these compact plugs also come ready-wired with 3 different types of connector heads, creating versatility for use with various equipment and appliances.

The Eubiq wall socket works exactly like a power track with the GSS safety feature. It complements the power track as an elegant and more economical option for a single power outlet in areas such as corridors, store rooms, pillars and the like.

Eubiq is also more than just a power supply system as it also has cable management capabilities so that network, telephone and television data cables are pre-run in tracks with data channels and can be terminated in Eubiq Data Sockets installed on the tracks.

The Eubiq system is already available in Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, Italy, Australia, Lebanon, UAE and Kuwait. Eubiq is seeking distributors in all other territories, and Eubiq Australia is seeking distributors in all states.

View gallery - 25 images
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