British architect Antony Gibbon has recently completed a modern and innovative treehouse located in upstate New York. Dubbed Inhabit Treehouse, the multi-level elevated home was built by local and eco-conscious builder, William Johnson Construction. The Inhabit module can be adapted for different settings, with Gibbon also completing a ground version which requires less engineering and thus reduces the cost of construction.

"Inhabit Treehouse was inspired by geometric forms," says Antony Gibbon Designs. "[The home] can be constructed in any environment whether it be in the forest, mountains or over rivers and lakes."

Boasting stunning views of the surrounding landscape, the Inhabit Treehouse is located just outside Woodstock and sits nestled among the treetops, while also hovering over a small lake. Built using locally sourced materials, the 69 sqm (743 sq ft) home features a geometric structure made from reclaimed FSC timber.

The distinct shape of the building provides for a unique layout of the interior, which features an elevated master bedroom, open kitchen and lounge with log fire, private bathroom and additional lower lounge or reading area. The design also allows for plenty of overhead room, so residents don't have the sense of being squashed in or feel the need to duck their heads.

The treehouse includes a series of large floor-to-ceiling glass windows and sky lights, which not only capture the unrestricted views that surround the home, but also allows for natural light to filter through the entire space. Two outdoor balconies provide space for residents to enjoy the outdoors and a large terrace sits underneath the main structure of the dwelling for entertaining or some peace and quiet. An outdoor tub is located a few steps away from the terrace and the main entrance to the home.

The Inhabit Treehouse design can be changed to suit the client's needs, with current floor plans available in a range of sizes to accommodate two to four people. What's more Gibbon has adjusted the design slightly so the home can also be built on the ground, as opposed to being elevated within the tree-scape. The ground version of the home is called Jutt House and has been especially designed to suit buyers on a budget, while also maintaining quality and key sustainable features.

"Unlike the Inhabit Treehouse, the Jutt house does not require structural engineering on the under carriage and sits flat on ground foundations with a one or two meter overhang on the front of the structure," says Antony Gibbon Designs. "This creates the same 'floating' illusion using an affordable and simplified construction."

Similar to the Inhabit Treehouse, Jutt House features a large open interior lounge and kitchen area with a log fire, feature glass wall and outdoor terrace. The elevated master bedroom is adjoined by a separate study zone and a private bathroom is located on the lower level of the home. Clad in local timber, the home will age gracefully and will suit any natural environment.

"Antony sees the environment as an important driving force behind his work," says Antony Gibbon Designs. "Each structure is individually created to consider the surroundings using sustainable materials wherever possible. He aims to create organic forms that exist in nature using natural materials to unite the two."

The Inhabit Treehouse near Woodstock is currently being used as an airbnb and guests can enjoy a night in the treetops starting at US$335.

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