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Inkless magic: the pen that never runs out

Inkless magic: the pen that never runs out
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Inkless metal pen
Inkless metal pen

September 21, 2007 While most pen designs are getting more complex, this inkless metal pen takes inspiration from the past for its simple design and functionality. Though not likely to usurp the ballpoint, the novel pen made from stainless steel contains no ink yet is able to write on any most types of paper without ever needing a refill.

The metal pen takes its inspiration from medieval times when artists and scribes often used a metal stylus in order to draw on a specially prepared paper surface. The material the pen was made from was a sign of the status of the scribe’s employer. Gold and silver were used by the upper classes and lead by the less wealthy. This type of pen was commonly known as Metalpoint, or Silverpoint when the stylus was made of silver. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci used them.

This solid metal 'nib' of this particular metal pen is made from metal alloy rather than silver. It leaves a mark on most types of paper and works best on standard copier/printer paper. The mark it leaves looks like that of a pencil however it cannot be erased.

I wouldn’t use it to try and write the great American novel, but it’s definitely a handy implement to have around and not worry about whether your pen has run out of ink. It could also be a help to "lefties" to help them avoid ink smudge. The metal pen is available from Grand Illusions for US$29.98, a long-term investment since there is no need to replace the ink or buy a new pen for at least 25 years.

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