For those on the go, a reliable source of power for various pieces of technology is a must. Innergie has released what is claimed to be the world’s smallest universal charger, the mCube90, featuring a tiny detachable charger for use in the car or in the air.

The mCube90 weighs in at around 263g and measures 5” (H) x 2.5” (L) x 0.90” (W) It has extensive laptop compatibility as well as being able to power up USB devices at the same time. Included are four types of built in surge protection and high power efficiency with an Energy Star rating.

The detachable air/auto charger for charging devices in cars and planes is also sold separately as the mCube90 DC and is around two thirds the size of a business card.

The mCube90 ships with wall, car and airplane input cables and several types of notebook tips. Available from the Innergie website, the mCube90 is priced at USD$99.99 while the mCube90 DC is USD$49.99.

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