Innovative new RF Noise Cancellation Technology for Wireless Handheld Devices

Innovative new RF Noise Cancellation Technology for Wireless Handheld Devices
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December 8. 2006 Quellan today announced the extension of its innovative Wideband noise cancellation technology to mobile handsets and consumer devices. Successfully used in data center applications to improve the crosstalk, speed and reach of interconnects, these smaller and lower power consumer devices reduce noise in wireless handsets, laptop computers and game consoles. Unlike filters, these devices cancel wideband noise in the receivers' input spectrum. By dropping the noise floor at the receivers input, a substantial improvement in signal-to-noise ratio is achieved, resulting in fewer dropped calls, continuous video capability and GPS location locks in high density urban areas.

"It's very clear that Quellan's innovative noise cancellation techniques will have significant quality of service benefits in numerous wireless systems such as cellular, GPS, and digital terrestrial television systems," said Dermot Nolan, Director of Telecommunications & Broadcast Services in London, England. "For carriers and operators, the improvement in overall end-to-end link budgets if Quellan's techniques are implemented in receivers may lead to significant network cost savings and a massively enhanced customer experience."

While the technology operates in a similar fashion to Noise Cancelling Headphones, Quellan's noise cancellers operate at one million times higher frequency and are embodied in tiny, ultra-low power CMOS silicon.

"Quellan's noise cancellation is an enabling technology for adding wireless capability to high density, small mobile systems," said Robert Dobkin, CTO of Linear Technology Corporation. "Today's mobile systems have fast digital processors that step on low level wireless signals, diminishing performance or even rendering mobile operation unusable. Quellan's noise cancellation technology can get the signal back."

Quellan's noise cancellers are just a few square millimeters in size -- yielding tens of thousands of devices on a single silicon wafer -- making them very inexpensive and embeddable in any consumer device.

"Noise is one of the main performance limiters for leading consumer electronic products, especially within digital wireless devices," said Bill Byun, Partner of Samsung Ventures America. "Quellan has a unique solution to this problem that triggered our investment."

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