Now you can get a bit more creative with your Instagram photos thanks to two new creative tools, Color and Fade, that the company started rolling out today.

The Color tool lets Instagram aficionados tint images, either to highlight existing tones within the shot or give an ordinary pic an extraordinary feel. Color options include green, cyan, blue, purple, pink, red, orange and yellow, and are selected on the screen similarly to how might add one of Instagram’s traditional filters.

The new Fade tool, meanwhile, allows you to take things a step further by using a slider to slowly soften colors in a shot to give it a muted look:

In December of last year Instagram added five new filters, the first new additions to the app since the launch of Mayfair and Willow in December 2012. Those five filters, Perpetua, Aden, Ludwig, Crema and Slumber, are all designed to shift and soften the colors in your shots. The new Color and Fade tools are exceptionally similar, except they allow you to fine tune those adjustments.

Color and Fade are available now for Android users, and will be headed to iOS in "a few days" (thanks to those pesky App Store approval windows, no doubt). In addition to the new filters, Instagram also announced a new post notification tool, which allows you to receive a push notification whenever your favorite Instagrammers post something new.

Source: Instagram

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