Intel's Core M Compute Stick will arrive next month

Intel's Core M Compute Stick w...
The new Compute Stick offers more power and better connectivity than the 2015 version
The new Compute Stick offers more power and better connectivity than the 2015 version
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The new Compute Stick offers more power and better connectivity than the 2015 version
The new Compute Stick offers more power and better connectivity than the 2015 version

Intel teased a Core M-based ComputeStick back at IFA 2015, but it didn't have much information to shareat the time. Now, at CES in Las Vegas, the company has taken thewraps of its brand-new dongle PCs. The new models are not only morepowerful than the original product, but are also significantly moreconvenient.

The original Compute Stick, introducedat the beginning of 2015, was high on concept, allowing users to turnany HDMI-equipped display into a fully-fledged PC. Unfortunately, thereality of the device was a little different, providing low-endperformance and only a single USB port.

Things are looking brighter this year,with the new version of the product giving users a choice of Core M3and Core M5 chips. The device will be available to buy with orwithout Windows 10, and will ship with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB eMMCstorage.

The connectivity of thisyear's model is also looking solid, with both Intel Dual Band Wireless AC7265 and Bluetooth 4.1 included. Like the original Compute Stick,there's only a single USB port on the device itself, but the companyhas put a pair of ports on the power adapter, bringing the total upto three.

The Core M Compute Stick starts atUS$399, scheduled to ship in February. The company is also selling asecond-generation Intel Atom version, with 32GB storage, 2 GB RAM andtwo USB ports. That model is in production now, shipping for $160.

Source: Intel

Pretty soon it's going to be cheaper to buy a computer with Windows 10 on it than it is to buy Windows 10.
I had a bad experience with Intel NUC. Really bad. Overheating was the worst.
At this price I will stick with a Chromebook. While this may have significantly more power and features, I would personally not buy one. Once a product like this hits the $100 mark then I would consider it viable for my needs. That said, I do like the idea of having a computer you can carry around in your pocket.
Mr. Hensley Garlington
Don't smartphones already provide similar functionality? If not, why don't we have to where I can plug or stream my phone to a TV and boot up Windows 10? Dual boot with Android or something. But these sticks just seem, needless.
It would be nice just to see a standard slot or slide mount at the HDMI port for a stick computer to slide into, with power. Or maybe just a USB-C with combined data/monitor/power? Then you buy a monitor or TV, slide a stick of Chrome, Chromecast, Windows, Linux, Android, Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, etc into it.
TV's, monitors could come with 2-3-4-5 slots.
Robert in Vancouver
Sounds like a good product but the cost is way way more than I could ever justify.
I was really looking forward to the core-M/4GBRAM variants, and I knew it would cost more than the weaker older models, but it is literally TWICE what I was willing to pay for one.
I could just go get a core mini-tower PC that would beat the snot out of the Compute Stick spec-wise for quite less actually.
I'm trying to find a certain article on Gizmag but can't find a way to get Gizmag to go to....ProGo 3000 propane Scooter....August 2014......
I recently purchased the original Compute Stick. Its rubbish, over heats in no time at all and the WiFi slows down then drops out and wont reconnect until its cooled down. Waste of money. The Chromecast is a far superior product even with its limited features.
S Michael
$399.00 LOL... How about $99 Then I might... think of buying one.