More than a little reminiscent of Yamaha's bizarre Tenori-On, iNudge is a free online composition and sequencing tool that takes all the pesky music training out of making music. Playing with its neat grid interface, anyone can come up with funky little beats and make quirky electro tunes. It's a product of an age where musical talent can be completely divorced from the ability to manipulate strings, wind or membranes to get a desired sound - and it's a lot of fun. Have a try right here in your browser window, just click through.

The above little groove is one I prepared earlier. To make your own, just hit the CLR button below the matrix and start filling in your own notes. There's 8 separate instrument tracks down along the right hand side, and you can control master volume and tempo, as well as volume and pan for each of the tracks.

If you come up with something you like, you can share iNudge across all your social networks or embed it it web pages. What a nifty little app! Enjoy.