Though still in the concept stage at present, the Space is an off-grid home that packs some neat technology, including smartphone integration. The firm is currently working on a prototype, however its price means it'll only be a viable option for those with deep pockets.

The Space, by Sweden's IO House, will measure 60 sq m (645 sq ft), arranged on one floor. It'll be prefabricated from wood, glass and metal, and have wool insulation. The home requires a foundation and delivery will be by truck and crane.

There are multiple interior layouts available, so we'll stick with the one depicted in the renders. This comprises two decks and an open-plan living area with a living room, kitchen, and dining area. The kitchen includes a dishwasher, propane-powered cooker, fridge, and washing machine. Elsewhere lies the bathroom, bedroom, and a couple of additional rooms, one for storage and the other for housing the off-grid gear.

The tech slated for the Space includes solar panels and batteries, as well as an emergency generator, to ensure uninterrupted off-the-grid electricity. The heating, security, and water systems will all be controllable via smartphone or tablet remotely. Other gadgets include a stereo system, TV, a weather station, a GPS unit, and climate control.

IO House told us that it's currently busy building a prototype model, which will serve as a show house, and that it has four confirmed pre-orders so far. Production is due to start at the end of the year, all being well.

However, the starting price for an unfurnished model is – and we hope you're sitting down – €499,000 (around US$581,600), while the furnished model will set you back €549,000 ($640,000). Clearly this one is going to be marketed toward the well-heeled.

Source: IO House

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