Apple's 2012 releases have come and gone. The company won't likely announce anything new for months. Analysts and Apple fans have to stay entertained somehow, however, and one of their favorite hobbies is spinning the old rumor mill. If the latest bold prediction holds any weight, you may spend next June staring at your gorgeous blue iPhone 5S.

The soothsaying comes from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek. He thinks Apple will release the iPhone 5's sequel quicker than expected. The alleged features? A "super HD" camera and screen, better battery life, and NFC (near field communication). He also lists "possible" updates as an IGZO display, a 128 GB storage option, and a variety of colors.

Does it hold water?

Somehow this seems unlikely

We wouldn't put a lot of weight in this. Investment analysts occasionally have inside information (supply chain sources, etc.), but their predictions are more often pure speculation. This sounds more like the latter, but there are reasons to give it a second glance.

Something is shifting in Apple's release schedules. Most of its product line was updated in the last few months, so it could be shifting to twice-a-year release schedules. This also isn't the first time we've heard of a new iPhone in the first half of 2013.

Red flags

Don't hold your breath for this comparison

The biggest red flag is the remark about the "super HD" display. The iPhone 5's display is already one of the best. If Apple upped the resolution, it would likely be in an even multiple (for software simplicity). Doubling it to 2272 x 1280 would be overkill. It wouldn't add much to the user experience, and it would kill battery life.

Colors sound fishy too. The iPod touch is often sold to young children and teenagers, where a variety of pastels makes sense. Apple likes black and white for the "grown up" devices: the iPod Classic was always white or black, the iPad has always been white or black, and the iPhone will probably stay that way too.

NFC is a bit more likely. Passbook hasn't exactly taken off, and NFC could put it on steroids. An upgraded camera is also logical. As smartphones become more customers' primary photography tools, any advancements can enhance their experience.

Grains of salt

Take it for what you will, but we'd file this one under "Interesting But Doubtful." Either way, you can expect to hear many more bold Apple predictions during the next few months. If nothing else, it's great entertainment.

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