Amidst swirling iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 rumors, Apple announced its next big event with a minimal invitation, remarking only "See you on the 7th."

The announcement itself is no surprise. Apple has announced new products every September for the last four years. What may be a surprise is exactly what these updates will entail. We're expecting a new iPhone (the device has been updated every year) and a second-generation Apple Watch. We have no official details from Apple, but a few rumors have generated quite a bit of interest and some substantiation.

On the iPhone front, the new models are widely expected to be called the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. We're not expecting any radical departures in looks or functionality, but the anticipated removal of the headphone jack has gotten lots of attention. This hardware change has many people wringing their hands, while others are crossing fingers that it will be coupled with the release of capable Bluetooth-powered wireless earbuds, or at least a pair of Lightning buds.

The successors to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus may not mark a radical step forward – that's expected in 2017(Credit: Will Shanklin/New Atlas)

Camera updates are likely as well: Many sources say a dual-camera system is in the works, at least on the larger of the two phones, and that the new phones will have a larger camera aperture.

The bokeh-heavy lights pictured on the invitation itself do seem to allude to a better camera with the ability to manipulate depth-of-field and improved low-light shooting. Whether that entails an update to hardware, software or both remains to be seen. Of course it's also possible those are just some event teaser theatrics promising something the phone won't be able to replicate.

The first Apple Watch has been successful as far as wearables go, but has yet to establish smartwatches as a must-have accessory(Credit: Will Shanklin/New Atlas)

In terms of the Apple Watch, we're expecting a speedier processor and some kind of GPS capability to make it more competitive in the fitness wearables market. Since the first-generation Apple Watch has fallen short in sales, it will be interesting to see which direction Apple prioritizes for the innovative-but-unsung gadget.

There is a slight possibility that we could see other new launches as well. Apple has often launched new iPhones in September, iPads in October and Macs and other devices on a more or less rolling basis. Last year was an exception – the September release included iPhones, Apple Watch accessories, Apple TV and the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

The launch event takes place on Wednesday, September 7, at 10 AM PST in San Francisco, California. New Atlas will post more details in our mobile technology feed.

Source: WSJ

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