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The i-Station25
The i-Station25
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The i-Station25
The i-Station25
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December 10, 2008 One of the issues with many iPhone and iPod speaker docks is inability to view pictures or watch video in landscape view without straining your neck. The i-Station25 is the second design from Logic3 that's aimed at solving this problem, but rather than allowing the media player itself to be rotated this unit solves this problem with accelerometer technology that enables users to simply turn the whole thing sideways with out diminishing the sound output quality.

The i-Station25 features four 40mm speaker drivers delivering eight Watts RMS while advanced circuitry suppresses TDMA noise distortion - the buzzing sound made when your mobile phone rings. LED lights let users know when the speakers are positioned to deliver the best performance for the job, and the accelerometer automatically adjusts the output to the correct left/right audio separation.

The i-Station25 also offers the option to watch video in full screen mode via a video out port for connecting the speaker system to a TV.

The system can either be powered by four AA batteries for complete portability or by the included AC Adaptor (provided) when at home to save on battery power and allow the speakers to recharge the iPhone or iPod in use.

Additional features include a remote control, volume level display, low battery indicator and a power saving sleep mode. The i-Station25 retails for £69 and is available this month.

View gallery - 3 images
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