OCR software developer I.R.I.S. has released its IRIScan wired ergonomic mouse scanner for Windows computer systems. In addition to the left/right button and click scroll wheel, the USB 2.0 IRIScan mouse sports a 300 dpi resolution scanner on its underside.

At the press of a button to the left side, a user can swipe the mouse in any direction across text documents, magazine articles or color photos to capture everything between the indicated guide lines. The supplied software suite seamlessly stitches together the scanned image in real time and displays it onscreen.

Though the scanned document can be printed directly from within the software, OCR technology supporting more than 130 languages enables the image to be dropped into favorite applications, such as Microsoft Office tools like Word and Excel, where it can be edited and saved.

The mouse is capable of digitizing documents up to A3 in size. It comes with a free three-month subscription to Evernote Premium and IRISCompressor, the latter allowing users to right-click the scanned image and convert it into a PDF file.

The IRIScan offers similar functionality to last year's LSM-100 from LG, but comes in a good deal cheaper at US$79 (though the latter does have up to 320 dpi adjustable resolution and will also work on a Mac).

The short demo video below shows the IRIScan Mouse in action.

Product page: IRIScan Mouse

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