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Iriver appropriately launches underwater MP3 player

Iriver appropriately launches ...
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September 15, 2004

Music has been land-locked too long so we can all be thankful of today’s announcement in the US by iRiver that it will launch, in conjunction with H2O Audio, the H2O Audio SV i700, a fully waterproof MP3 player accessory. The H2O Audio SV i700 is designed specifically for iRiver iFP-700 series flash-memory music players.

Watersports enthusiasts can now enhance their experience with music while participating in sports such as wakeboarding, surfing, swimming, snowboarding and waterskiing.

Designed for extreme wear and tear, the new H2O Audio SV i700 includes H2O Audio's durable waterproof housing featuring easy-to-use controls and comfortable waterproof headset.

Patented technology allows the device and headphones to play clear music under and above water. The H2O Audio SV i700 is a seamless accessory for iRiver's sport-ready iFP-700 flash players.

The H20 Audio SV i700’s is a waterproof MP3 player housing designed for iRiver iFP-700 series flash-memory music players. It comes with a waterproof speaker headset and is compatible with standard headphones for land use. It can have up to 1GB of internal storage and a claimed 40 hours of battery life on a single AA battery

In the United States, the H2O Audio SV i700 housing and headphones will sell for USD $100 and the iRiver iFP-700 series begins at $120 for the iFP-780 and runs to US$250 for the iFP-799.

The H2O Audio SV i700 accessory for the iFP-700 series flash players will be available in October in the US. The Australian distributor for iRiver product is C. R. Kennedy - a decision on whether the product will reach Australia will be made shortly.

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