iRobot is probably best known for its Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, Looj eavestrough-cleaning robot, and Scooba robotic floor cleaner. Owners of swimming pools, however, might also be familiar with the company’s Verro pool-cleaning robots. Today, iRobot announced the launch of its latest and fanciest pool-bot, the Mirra 530.

The Mirra is designed for use in in-ground pools. It doesn’t require hoses or booster pumps, plus it works independently of the pool’s filtration system – that should save on power bills, according to the company.

When the vacuum-equipped wheeled robot is first lowered into the water, it starts by using its iAdapt Nautiq sensory/algorithmic system to assess the dimensions of the pool, then chooses the most efficient cleaning cycle based on that data. It proceeds to roll along every inch of the pool’s floor, walls and steps – going right up to the waterline – using its motorized PVC scrub brush to remove algae, dirt, bacteria and other material.

The iAdapt system also allows it to avoid obstacles (just like the Roomba does), including its own floating 60-foot (18.3-meter) power cord.

Along with scrubbing, the Mirra additionally uses its pump to suck up the freshly-removed gunk, and detritus such as leaves and sand. It processes the water at a rate of 70 gallons (265 liters) per minute, using its filter to trap particles as small as two microns. When it's finished and lifted out of the water, its filtration canisters can be pulled out and hosed off.

The Mirra 530 will be available in North America and select countries as of this spring (Northern Hemisphere), at a price of US$1,299.99. By contrast, the most expensive of the three Verro pool-bots goes for $999, while the cheapest costs $399. There’s currently no information available regarding the specific differences between the Verros and the Mirra.

Source: iRobot via IEEE Spectrum

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