Teaser images are, well, a bit of a tease and Jaguar is definitely teasing today with this image of its C-X17 Concept – a study design set to be unveiled on September 9 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Jaguar is, as you can tell by the image, not giving out any details but the C-X17. The company says the concept "illustrates the diversity of vehicles that could be produced using this architecture, which underpins the innovative future of the Jaguar brand."

This diversity is hinted at in the C-X17 profile teaser, which appears to be some sort of hot hatchback with a higher cab that contrasts to the smooth slope of an XJ or an XF and more interior space, plus what looks like a mini-spoiler coming off the rear. We'll find out more when Jaguar turns the lights on at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) this month.

Jaguar will also roll out is new production models at Frankfurt, including the XJR, the XFRS, and the F-Type.

Source: Jaguar