Jaguar is the latest car manufacturer to jump into the world of wearables with its new Android Wear app, which allows owners to control their air conditioning, check the fuel level and track their cars from their wrists.

Although Jaguar has been pushing what it can do when it comes to smartphone integration recently, the Android Wear app deals with a set of tasks slightly more mundane than remote off roading.

Just as Volvo, BMW and Volkswagen's Apple Watch applications do, the Jaguar system comes into its own on a hot summer afternoon. Instead of having to get into a hot car and branding yourself with the seatbelt buckle, you can use your Android Wear device to turn the car on and activate the climate control.

The app is also designed to cater for people who, we can only presume, are incredibly forgetful. You can check about the fuel level, whether you've locked the doors or even find out where you've left it in a busy car park.

Android Wear users who also own Jaguars will be able to download the app in Northern Hemisphere Summer this year. It will be compatible with all models fitted with InControl Remote or InControl Protect, including the new F-Pace SUV.

Source: Jaguar

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