November 22, 2007 With 170 deli restaurants across the US, Jason’s Deli is now embracing renewable energy in its business model with the launch of its first 'Solar Deli'. The flagship store in Beaumount, Texas is the first to be powered in part by solar energy, with more systems planned in the near future.

NewPoint Energy Solutions, a Houston-based renewable energy company, designed and installed the 5.3-kilowatt solar electric system that will generate approximately 6,900 kilowatts of power per year. This equates to the annual equivalent of preventing 13,100 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the earth’s atmosphere, or eliminating a day’s worth of carbon dioxide emissions from 400 cars. The system includes an in-store monitoring system where customers can see the amount of electricity being produced by the solar panels.

Jason’s Deli’s second solar installation was also recently completed in South Austin and is expected to generate approximately 7,500 kilowatts of power per year. “At Jason’s Deli, we believe we are responsible for being good stewards of the environment, which is why we are investing in clean, renewable energy,” said Joe Tortorice Jr., CEO and founder of Jason’s Deli.

The food chain is also known for its decision to eliminate artificial trans fat from its menu. This was a bold move in the “fast food state” but one that could help to contribute positively to public health in Texas. The company has several other green initiatives including the planting of thousands of trees at the South Texas Wildlife Refuge as a sponsor of American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program.